No Weight Gain Pre-Holiday Open House

Don't let the disappointment of weight gain ruin your holiday season.

NEW DATE!  October 13th, 2-4 PM

Not having a plan and making the same food and exercise mistakes every holiday season is frustrating and disappointing. 

This year can be different. 

These are the top three reasons people gain weight over the holidays.

1.  Lack of movement-Having the right 20-30 minute routines for burning fat and mobility is a NO WEIGHT GAIN game changer.

2. Poor Planning Causes stress and confusion- You need a clear objective to stay at your current weight and identifying the practices and habits that will ensure your success.

3. Being Stuck With Our Food Choices - Allowing new food options into our lives give us tasty and interesting options around the major holiday meals.  What if we could stop by and pick up low carb food that we know taste great each week?


No Holiday Weight Gain Workshop

October 13th, 2019   2-4 pm

Strength & Vitality Wellness Center

6302 Falls Road, Suite C Baltimore, MD 21209

Don't know what to cook?  Need meal prep inspiration?  Chef Scipio from Scipio Catering has you covered.  Come and taste Chef Selina's low carb meals.  Pan-seared salmon with grilled veggies and Stuffed chicken thighs w/ pesto and red cabbage.  Be our taste tester!  Tell us which food we should have on our low carb meal pickup service.

Don't think you have time to exercise or do the exercise you see fit people doing look scary and dangerous? Cara-Michele from Strength & Vitality Wellness Center is a personal trainer that focuses on functional movements and fat loss exercise that gets you in and out of your exercise routine quickly and safely.   

Need some help crystalizing your plan?  Are you clear on your three most important actions and how to keep them top of mind?  Coach Elaine from Kibou Consulting LLc. can help.  

Bring a Friend!

Come Ready To Clarify Your Goals!

Come And Learn A Doable New Workout Routine!

AND Come Hungry!  

$20 per person

50% off if you bring a friend

Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of the tools they can use to keep from gaining weight over the holidays.

If you consistently gain 5-10 lbs between October and February this is the event for you.

Strength and Vitality Wellness Center is dedicated to helping you mentally and physically feel your best so that you can do your best for the people and projects you love.  



We help all members of the family leave their pain behind and regain their

mental and physical strength and vitality.  So you can get back to the important stuff.

No medication. No surgery.


In partnership,

Cara-Michele Nether, Licensed Acupuncturist, Nutrition Counselor and Personal Trainer


Strength & Vitality Wellness Center, 6302 Falls Road, Suite C, Baltimore, MD 21209



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When And Where
From October 13, 2019 - 02:00 PM To 4:00 PM EDT
6302 Falls Road Suite C Baltimore 21209 United States