Healthy Happy Hour

Learn the Secrets of Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, Energy & Performance, and Cleansing

How is it possible that one event can accomplish so much for the attendees?

This is probably the question you are asking yourself, and when I attended my first Healthy Happy Hour I thought the exact same thing.

What does anti-aging, energy, weight loss, and cleansing have in common?

What took place for me probably saved my life because it set me on a journey to achieve real and sustainable health - and this is my goal for you as well.

There are too many “dead ends” in the health and wellness industry and many people have been left in a frustrated state because the outcome of their hard work did not pay off.

I will never forget what a woman shared with me at the Healthy Happy Hour when I was an attendee…

“Cara-Michele, I have tried dozens of programs and my goal has always been to lose weight and increase energy. The problem is that when I was about 2 weeks in, I actually ended up gaining more weight and had less energy than when I started.”

This woman and hundreds of others have finally broken free from the captivity of poor health and are now living examples of what it takes to sustain the outcomes that they have always desired.

Is this event right for you?

Healthy Happy Hour is the perfect event for the right person.

This means that you either are already living a healthy lifestyle or you have the desire to start, but you feel overwhelmed in a world filled with information overload.

You recognize that the way you are living is not good enough and you are ready to make changes so that you can experience more out of life.

You are battling with weight issues, energy instability, and you just don’t feel like you are aging well, but you are driven to find a way to make a change that is sustainable and healthy.

If this is YOU, it is not too late to sign up and change your life.

What should you expect?

Our Healthy Happy Hour is nothing but a GREAT TIME. This means that you will have the opportunity to try some of our absolute favorite recipes that are 10x tastier and 100% healthier than anything you have tried before. In addition, we will share a brief strategy that is guaranteed to get you on the right track to achieving your health goals, while also giving you the opportunity to meet with people just like you - those motivated to improve their health and quality of life.

In addition, all attendees will get a copy of each healthy recipe so that you can prepare these items on a regular basis.

When And Where
From September 27, 2019 - 05:00 PM To 7:00 PM EDT
6302 Falls Road Suite C Baltimore 21209 United States