Girls Night Out

Get ready to be Pampered and Feel Like Your Beautiful Self

Being a lady is a hard job and more often than not, we are left in a state of exhaustion due to the amount of effort and energy that goes into being a woman.

Whether we have children…
Whether we have a career…
Whether we have the desire to look and feel beautiful…
Whether we have a home…
Whether we have stretch marks or wrinkles
Whether we have all of the above and more...

We need some time for relaxation, rejuvenation, pampering, and fun with other ladies.

We deserve to kick back and just be girls for one night.

Audrey Hepburn says it best, “Happy girls are the prettiest,” and this is our goal for each lady who joins us for our Girls Night Out.

Just take a look at what you will experience:

- Meet like-minded women
- Fine wine and enjoy hors d'oeuvre
- Relaxation and rejuvenation
- Stress reduction massages
- Manicures and pedicures
- Sample women’s products
- Become motivated
- Action plan to feel better

Hosted by:

Cara-Michele Nether

Be Selfish for One Night

Just in case you are grappling with whether you should sign up for this event or not, we ask you to be selfish for one night because whatever is holding you back can wait!

We get it and we mean it.

As women we have so many responsibilities, but the only way for us to show up as our best selves is if we invest the time and energy into being a lady.

This “selfish” act is actually selfless because we will become stronger, more confident, sexier, and increase our energy dramatically when we allow ourselves the chance to rejuvenate with other like-minded women.

This is an event you cannot miss because it is your opportunity to BE YOU and BECOME your most beautiful self.

Let the Pampering Begin!

Sign Up with Other Women Who Deserve a Night Out

When And Where
From August 30, 2019 - 05:00 PM To 7:00 PM EDT
6302 Falls Road Suite C Baltimore 21209 United States